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May 12, 2011

Al Kauthar

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Music which reverberates from the Centre.


March 7, 2009

Traditional Persian Music videos

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At Parviz Shahbazi’s Youtube website, watch and listen to performances of traditional Persian music.  There are over 100 videos which showcase contemporary musicians (Shajarian, Nazeri, Eftekhari, Seraj, Lotfi) singing the songs of the great classical poets (Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, Baba Taher, etc.).

Also, Rizepor on Youtube has shared there is a beautiful live performance of Hafez’s ghazal “Tarsam ke ashk dar gham e ma” by Seyyed Khalil Ali Nejad. Watch the video. Read the poem in Farsi.


February 15, 2009

William Chittick media

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last updated: February 26, 2009

1991: Fall of Adam intrepreted by the Sufi Ahmad Sam’ani – This lecture is available in written form in Chapter 9 of Chittick’s book, “Sufism: A Short Introduction”

2001: On the Cosmology of Dhikr – This lecture is from the Paths to the Heart Conference at the University of South Carolina

2007: The Ontology of Trust: A View from Premodern Islam – Lecture given at Stony Brook University

2008: The Wisdom of Animals – From the Ibn Arabi society

2008: Interview on PressTV – A rare glimpse into the life and thought of Prof. Chittick (Windows media player link may not work)

February 13, 2009


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Hamza Yusuf on Climbing Mount Purgatorio (Dec 2008.)

Martin Lings on the Seven Deadly Sins (1971)

February 12, 2009

Seyyed Hossein Nasr media

Last updated on Aug 28, 2009. Latest updates in bold.

1985: Knowledge and the Sacred – This lecture is based upon his book, Knowledge and the Sacred, which was a compilation of material from his Gifford Lectures.

1990: Bill Moyers Rewind: Finding Peace in the Middle East – Interview with Bill Moyers from 1990 

1992: Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture – Lecture given at the University of Minnesota

1993: Rushdie Affair – A talk with Sh. Tantawi

1993: On Western Science and Islamic Civilization – A talk on BBC 1 (May 1 1993)

1998: Islam, Secular Society and the Sacred – Lecture given in October 1998

1998: Sufism – It’s Impact on Western Thought – Lecture given in October 1998

2001: The Heart is the Throne of the All-Merciful – Lecture given at the Paths to the Heart Conference, University of South Carolina

2002: The Heart of Islam – Lecture given at the World Bank.

2003: Islam, Science, and Cultural Values  – Lecture given in 2003 (click on Session I) 

2003: Interview on Islam – Interview with PBS

2003: In The Beginning Was Consciousness. Dudleian Lecture at Harvard University.

2003: Pilgrimage of the Heart – A lecture at the Washington National Cathedral.

2004: Whence Evil: To Confront and to Overcome Evil in Human life – Lecture given in 2004 (scroll down and click on appropriate link)

2004: Unlearning Intolerance. Key-note address at U.N. Conference on Islamophobia.

2005: This is America – Show 925. Television interview with Dennis Wholey.

2005: Islam and the Political Order – Lecture given at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

2007: Chautauqua Podcasts Interview with Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell

2007: Encounters with Islam and Nature  – Interview with Toronto radio-station regarding Islam and the environment.

2008: Garden of Truth – Talk given at a luncheon hosted by the Rumi society regarding his book, Garden of Truth. (Also available on YouTube)

2008: A Common Word (part 1) – Lecture given at the A Common Word conference at Yale University (see part 2)

200?: Universalism vs. Particularism in Religions – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: Arguing God from Being – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: Is Theism Coherent? – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: On Frithjof Schuon – Interview with World Wisdom on Frithjof Schuon

2009: Islam and the Environment – Lecture given in Doha, Qatar on January 26, 2009. (See article and pictures)

200?: Rumi forum luncheon talk – Dr. Nasr talks about his latest book: Islam, Science, Muslims, and Technology televised by Ebru TV

200?: Matter and Beyond – Talk on the relationship between science and religion televised by Ebru TV (scroll down and click on Episode 23)


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