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February 12, 2009

Seyyed Hossein Nasr media

Last updated on Aug 28, 2009. Latest updates in bold.

1985: Knowledge and the Sacred – This lecture is based upon his book, Knowledge and the Sacred, which was a compilation of material from his Gifford Lectures.

1990: Bill Moyers Rewind: Finding Peace in the Middle East – Interview with Bill Moyers from 1990 

1992: Cosmology, Ecology and Sacred Architecture – Lecture given at the University of Minnesota

1993: Rushdie Affair – A talk with Sh. Tantawi

1993: On Western Science and Islamic Civilization – A talk on BBC 1 (May 1 1993)

1998: Islam, Secular Society and the Sacred – Lecture given in October 1998

1998: Sufism – It’s Impact on Western Thought – Lecture given in October 1998

2001: The Heart is the Throne of the All-Merciful – Lecture given at the Paths to the Heart Conference, University of South Carolina

2002: The Heart of Islam – Lecture given at the World Bank.

2003: Islam, Science, and Cultural Values  – Lecture given in 2003 (click on Session I) 

2003: Interview on Islam – Interview with PBS

2003: In The Beginning Was Consciousness. Dudleian Lecture at Harvard University.

2003: Pilgrimage of the Heart – A lecture at the Washington National Cathedral.

2004: Whence Evil: To Confront and to Overcome Evil in Human life – Lecture given in 2004 (scroll down and click on appropriate link)

2004: Unlearning Intolerance. Key-note address at U.N. Conference on Islamophobia.

2005: This is America – Show 925. Television interview with Dennis Wholey.

2005: Islam and the Political Order – Lecture given at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

2007: Chautauqua Podcasts Interview with Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell

2007: Encounters with Islam and Nature  – Interview with Toronto radio-station regarding Islam and the environment.

2008: Garden of Truth – Talk given at a luncheon hosted by the Rumi society regarding his book, Garden of Truth. (Also available on YouTube)

2008: A Common Word (part 1) – Lecture given at the A Common Word conference at Yale University (see part 2)

200?: Universalism vs. Particularism in Religions – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: Arguing God from Being – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: Is Theism Coherent? – Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn at ‘Closer to Truth’

200?: On Frithjof Schuon – Interview with World Wisdom on Frithjof Schuon

2009: Islam and the Environment – Lecture given in Doha, Qatar on January 26, 2009. (See article and pictures)

200?: Rumi forum luncheon talk – Dr. Nasr talks about his latest book: Islam, Science, Muslims, and Technology televised by Ebru TV

200?: Matter and Beyond – Talk on the relationship between science and religion televised by Ebru TV (scroll down and click on Episode 23)


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